Battery Free Home Automation

We want that to strive for a future where there is less work to be done in the home. Vacuum robots, smart thermostats and automatic shutters are great improvements for a smarter home with less repetitive tasks. The problem with a lot of the smart home gadgets like temperature sensors and door/window contacts: they need batteries!

The more of these gagets you own, the more attention you will have to put in to keep them working for you. This feels not very smart to us. We want to change that with our battery free technology, that transmits the energy needed by the sensor or button over the air.


Reader Unit

The reader unit is the core of our home automation. Attached to your ceiling it will read out sen...

Door/Window Contact

A door or window Contact is a useful sensor that helps you automate your home. You can use it ...

Good for the Environment logo

Good for the Environment

Battery free devices means less resources wasted!
High Reliability logo

High Reliability

No Battery means devices are always responding, just as if they were on a cable.
Perfect for tenants that want quality logo

Perfect for tenants that want quality

Wireing a rented flat for the Smart Home is not something you want to do, but why settle for a Battery Driven second rate solution?
Cheaper than wiring your House logo

Cheaper than wiring your House

Wireing a complete house may cost 10.000€ - 25.000€. Our Solution is cheaper!