Door/Window Contact

A door or window Contact is a useful sensor that helps you automate your home. You can use it

  • … to check when a door gets opened for detecting entry into a room and setting a scene
  • … to detect if a window stayed open when leaving the house.
  • … to switch off the heating while windows are open.
  • … start an alarm if nobody should be at home and a door inside your house opens.
  • … notify when your medical cabinet is opened.
Good for the Environment logo

Good for the Environment

Battery free devices means less resources wasted!
High Reliability logo

High Reliability

No Battery means devices are always responding, just as if they were on a cable.
Perfect for tenants that want quality logo

Perfect for tenants that want quality

Wireing a rented flat for the Smart Home is not something you want to do, but why settle for a Battery Driven second rate solution?
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Cheaper than wiring your House

Wireing a complete house may cost 10.000€ - 25.000€. Our Solution is cheaper!